Earn Money By Website

am going to write how you earn money by website that is basic online career opportunity forever! I thought if you look last few years then you can remember some of fake company started organizes on Bangladesh with other country, at first those site joining fee propos taking $100, $200 and other variable amount, once register completed those site providing some of fake work like PTC, those not helpful for basic online marketing industry, although those site begin period paying to member just improve they are reputation, once lots more member join completed there after those site will stop they are organizes, just cheating with lots more low online experience person, beside lots of small skills can make money online forever without third-party investment, my personal opinion is if you would like to earn money without investment, then you can earn but that not too much, beside if you develop your skills several sector with little money investment yourself (not third-party investment) then you can make your basic online career forever!

What I need to do? Which skills do I required?

Select keywords domain, keywords domain will seems 2/3 denote words, which words already have good hit as keywords on search engine, you can test your selected keywords using this google keywords tools at: http://goo.gl/phBCu this type of domain can get visitor from search engine without doing anything. Also this type of domain has good value on the domain industry. Many of these domains can be resold for thousands

of dollars! You can also develop these domains and make a nice monthly residual income. Review some example of domain name at:
























however, please try to select short domain name as well, it will be good think for keywords domain selection. If you would like to purchase your domain name from us, then we can provide you, because we have cheap rate domain registration service,

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Hosting selection

Purchase unlimited host space with unlimited bandwidth for your website, avoid bandwidth exceed medial of every month, if you would like to purchase unlimited host space with unlimited bandwidth from us, then we can provide you, because we have lots of satisfied customer around Bangladeshi online industry.

Web development

you need great acknowledge about web development sector, like html, php, css, phpmysql, logo design, graphics design, joomla cms, template customization, wordpress,

wordpress template customization, forum CMS with template customization, web directory cms with template customization, Bookmarks CMS with template customization, etc. I also explain step by step other necessary information below.

Website title with logo:

* On your website home page title, Write an interesting title with includes best

1 or 2 keywords, Make nice looking logo for website.

Website favicon:

Favicon show up on internet browser before hit web address,

So first create a great website logo, then that logo create a favicon using this links at: http://www.chami.com/html-kit/services/favicon/

You will get necessary all of procedure when you try to make your favicon using that site.

Inner page title:

Every Inner page title as you can setup page sub title as page subject with targeted keywords.

Meta description:

write an interesting short description of content with include best your targeted 4/5 keywords on this Meta description section main domain root or sub domain root.

Keywords research:

Important think, each website owner must have target to optimizes website related several keywords on all of search engine, but before select those keywords, must need little bit research using google keyword tools at: http://goo.gl/phBCu and insure those keyword have low/medium competition, (strongly ignore high competition keyword) because high competition keyword optimizes on all of search engine and getting top search results is very difficult work,

good hits globally or locally minimum 1000+ global search (strongly ignore less then 1000 global search) just boundary on keywords research minimum 1000+ global search low/medium competition, never exceed about less then 1000 global search inside high competition. Then you may not get great results or not helpful for your targeted website, so be careful, use only unique keywords always. Once complete some research then you can decide keywords for target.

Meta keywords:

your selected several keywords keep on your Meta keywords section. Main domain root, sub domain root, or every web page root as you can.

Site Map:

once your all webpage development completed, then you need to create Site map xml file, if you use joomla or wordpress or other CMS, then you can get some module / plug-in / extensions / components for creating sitemap, that can generate automatically, if you create website from custom html, php web design, then you can create Site map xml file using this website: http://www.xml-sitemaps.com and you need to put sitemap.xml file on your site root directory, you can also get enough acknowledgment if you review this website necessary sitemap creation instruction.

Google webmaster tools setup:

If you have already google account, then very good, if you don’t have any google account, then create a google account for your website Google webmaster tools setup, then browse at: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/ you may see little procedure to create webmaster tools signup, then click add a site button, then you will get necessary instruction from Google webmaster tools setup section, google will show up several verification method about your site, follow that you are prefer, once completed your setup, then click on your site name form Dashboard, then you can see, right/bottom side Sitemaps option, click there and click “Submit a Sitemap” then you will show up your site name with / just include there ‘sitemap.xml’ then click on submit Sitemap then your all page will index on google within very shortly. This is very important think for on page optimization.

Also Submit website url on google Webmaster Tools at: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/

google analytics setup:

Regarding your site visitor analytics you must need to setup google analytics for your website, as a same procedure, browse at: http://www.google.com/analytics/

and click “access analytics” button, you may see little procedure to create analytics signup, you can use one Analytics account for multiple website Analytics tracking, so you need to signup for any separate website add for Sign Up for Google Analytics, then you will get necessary instruction from Google Analytics setup section, google will show up several verification method about your site, follow that you are prefer as well, once completed your setup, then you will see daily visitor count, weekly visitor count, monthly visitor count, where from coming visitor’s, which page visiting how much visitor and many more interesting option have on google analytics account.

Website content Article writing/rewriting guide line

Please read all instructions carefully, Here are presentation vary easy, clear instruction.

*Write an interesting title for each article

*Always take care about Words count 500+ not less 500 words

*When you will complete writing then research 3 or 4 keywords on that topic with matching and use those keywords multiple times in the article body and once in the title.

*our important think is before select those keywords, you must need little bit research using google keyword tools at: adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal and insure those keyword have low/ medium competition, If you avoid this think then that content never helpful for webpage optimization, so be careful. As I said before, please don’t use high competition keywords and don’t use same keywords on different content use only unique keywords always. Once complete some research then you can decide 3-4 keywords for target. For your remember that. All over the internet, lots of low/medium competition and good hit keywords have already.

*Always try to write quality and good readability content, also try to increase writing quality if you can do.

*include best 1 of 3 keywords the title.

*Do not write poor spelling or grammar that interfere with the readability/credibility of the content

*Do not write awkward or difficult-to-read formatting

*Do not write news, comment, and broken story that have currently most popularity but that content value will lost after few days. Always write strong type content that value will be top many of years.

Also, do not write following type content.

Excessive profanity, Pornography adult and mature, violent content, content related to racial intolerance or advocacy against any individual, group or organization, violence, illicit drugs and paraphernalia, profanity, hacking, cracking, gambling, casino-related content, ad clicking, excessive or irrelevant keywords, sales of weapons, Sales of beer or hard alcohol, Sales of tobacco or tobacco-related products, Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia content, Sales of prescription drugs, Sales of weapons or ammunition (e.g. firearms, firearm components, fighting knives, stun guns), Sales of products that are replicas or imitations of designer or other goods, Sales or distribution of coursework or student essays, Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails, Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity or infringes on the legal rights of others, coursework, student essays, and other content that is illegal, and promotes illegal activity.

Please read your writing to search any unfortunately error or mistake, because I hope you know unfortunately you may be able to make mistake. Once you think writing have 100% perfect there after decide to publish on your website.

*Please be sure that content should COPYSCAPE free and 100% unique.

*Do not publish same content on different domain or, sub domain, webpage or any online directory, or never sold to other.

Website Image using guide line

Use unique image name on this site, do not copy relevant image from web. Must need to add unique image, you can copy image from web but then you need to edit those image using any of image editor software, for example: adobe illustrator, adobe photoshop, etc.

Social network setting:

Large number visitor coming possibility have from social network site,

For example you need to create website profile page on social network site, like create a fan page on facebook, create a twitter profile on twitter, create a profile on google+ etc,

all over the internet have lots more social network site, so try to create most popular social networking site profile as you can, you can check this links http://www.addthis.com/bookmark.php and create how much profile you can create and you need to add social network site icon on your website bottom page and set link on that social profile link, and need to internal marketing, status update, news, event sending posting to all of social network, I suggest to you setup a http://ping.fm profile and create profile page ping.fm supported social network, then you can post all of site at once using http://ping.fm its really very easy to use, if you research something then you will easily understand about all of necessary procedure.

However, I am going to write how you design your website home page, have a look at our website: www.onlinejobsbd.info, try to include all of impotent landing page article short description on your index page, right side 250 pixels keep for several issue, for example, custom advertisement, www.addthis.com Bookmark and Share with social bookmarks/network button, facebook like box, google adsence etc, write about website short description, on your website bottom, keep a space for backlinks advertisement with other website short description and you need to make it easy to access, because this is important think about basic online career, how you make money by website, we might be provide you backlinks advertisement with other website short description 20+ advertisement for every website, that you need to keep monthly basis and for that reason we pay $50 every month for each website.

you need to add necessary several webpage, like FAQ, terms & conditions, privacy policy, contact us, about us, company profile or personal profile, advertise with us, link exchange, home page ad tariff, you must need to follow how developing other professional website and which type general content they are adding,

you also must required to add several CMS. Like

free classified ad posting


Event news


Directory listing


those type of CMS can help to increasing other website rank.

Overall you need to experience following skills,

Keyword Analysis and Research,

Back-links creation from other website

On-page Optimization

Keyword Density Analysis

Website Structure Optimization

Website W3C Compliance Analysis

Title Tag Optimization

Header Tag Optimization

Content Optimization

Image Optimization

Code Analysis

URL Analysis

URL Rewriting Recommendations

Various Off-page Optimization

Manual Directory Submission

Daily new Articles writing and updating website

Article Distribution to other article publishing website,

Social Bookmarking

Blog Posting (different from the Articles)

Social Media Optimization

Micro Blogging

Sitemap, Robots and Feeds

Sitemap Submission

RSS Creation

RSS Submission

Robot.txt. Implementation

Product/Business Listing

Goggle Local Business Listing


Google Analytics Installation

SEO Reports maintenance

Montly Ranking Reports maintenance

every day you need to spend few time for website SEO propose, SEO can do by following type of submission

1. Manual Article Submission

2. Press Release Submissionn

3. Social Bookmarking Submission

4. Manual Directory Submission

5. Link building

6. Blog Commenting

7. Blog Promotions

8. Classified Ads Submission

9. Manual Major Search Engine Submission

10. Author Profile Setup In Article Directories Submission

11. Video Distribution Services

12. Blog Ping/URL ping

13. Local Business Listing

14. Event Distribution

15. Ebook Distribution

16. Youtube Video Commenting

17. Answer Posting in Major Question and Anser Posting Websites

18. Orkut Scrapping

19. Fourm Submission

20. Facebook Marketing and fan page fans increasing.

21. Twitter Marketing and increasing Twitter Followers

22. Youtube Marketing and video views increasing.

23. Tumblr Marketing Services

24. Voting for Google+ for Facebook Likes for Twitter Follows + Dig Voting + Stumble Upon Voting on Websites+ Redit Voting

25. Unique Facebook Business Page Creation

26. Google Plus One Page Creation

27. Linkadin Profile Creation, Company Page Creation

28. Link Wheel

29. Page Speed Optimization

30. RSS Feed Submission Services

31. Reputation Management

● Every page must be optimized according to google page speed checker tool

● Html 5 and css 3 sementic coding

● Optimized images to load faster

● Jobs and career page/form

● Live chat options

● Follow us sections (social media button for users to share with freinds) google plus, twitter, facebook like, digg, stumple upon,

● Link parters directory with categories pages

● Must w3c compatible pages.

● Follow us section for Twitter, Facebook Business page, linkadin, google plus business page

● Testimonial page and those all testimonials must shows randomly on every page (some section on page)

● Affiliate Page

● Achievement page for latest achievements achieved on google for clients with keyword report

● Web pages must be SEO Optimized.

However, I think above of all of requirement follow up is too difficult. So try to follow as you can, then you will get lots of visitor each day, and your domain will be get PR3 or higher, if we think your website seems okay, we will provide 20+ partner backlinks for publishing website home page, and we will pay $50 for each month, if you develop 4 website, then you can get $200 per month, this is really great online career for you forever! If you have any question or if you would like to join with this program then contact with us immediately. We are always ready to assist you gladly.