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MultiwayBD Formally “Multiway Information System” providing much more online based service continuously, online currency buy and sale one of our part of service, we are continuously buying paypal, Skrill and other online currency.

Actually you need better knowledge how work Skrill withdrawal by bank transfer, When we withdrawal money by our bank transfer, Skrill deduct fee up to $4, it very much depend on our total Skrill amount, overall sometime it charge $4.3 or sometime $4.6, however, we deduct only $4 from your sending amount. You may review Skrill all deduct fees by they are website: How much money you will receive for each 1$?

review international current currency rate at:

for example if you see $1 = 85BDT+ something then we will send 85 BDT, we do not pay extra poysa including 1BDT.

So, you can easily compare how much Skrill balance send to me beside how much BDT will receive from us. If you agree with our Skrill online currency buying policy, then you can send money at: Moshiur Rahman — ( beside you will get BDT through Brac Bank online transfer or bKash, Dutch Bangla Bank cash deposit or Rocket , or hand cash within 24 hours.

Review Bangladesh Bank current currency exchange rates in Bangladesh at:

NETELLER’s online payment accounts for safe online shopping, global money transfers, cash outs for payment systems to accept payments online, it’s also popular on our local country Bangladesh forex trading community, we are buy sale currency on Bangladesh with good price, if you wish to buy or sale neteller currency, please contact with us.

Before sale your paypal balance you need better understanding how we paypal balance receiving from Bangladesh (as still not support paypal on our country Bangladesh) and how we withdraw money from paypal. We use (third party payment gateway) 2checkout merchant account alternative International Card/Paypal payment processing service. 2checkout payment gateway charging several fees those will deducts from your amount.Review those fees following step by step.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1-2checkout) *Fixed Fee Per Transition $0.45

*Per Transition % Fee 5.5%



*Card Standard Load Fee Fixed $2

*ATM withdrawal outside U.S Fixed $2.15


After deducts all system fees your actual balance will convert by BDT, you can review current currency rate at:

Before use this service please contact us or call us our 24/7 Hotline: 01911-273-770