Payment Refund Policy

Multiway BD formally Multiway Info System is a outsourcing service provider company working with several client regular basis, we use various acceptable online payment gateway for receiving they are payment, we have joined on third party payment gateway using this website, has achieved excellence Internet Marketing Solutions based open source platforms on online community, our dedicated professional team hardly working with our all of offered our service honestly, our all of customer very happy using our providing service, although if we unfortunately unable to provide our offered service then this refund policy is applicable for that service which we are selling by acceptable online third party payment gateway

We will refunds some of following conditions:

- Request for refund is made within 72 hours after our service purchase.

- Not delivered service within delivery time.

- Not received service as service description

- Problems or errors faced on service and that are not caused by any modifications anyway.

- Both parties will agree for refund money for some of other reason. Payment Privacy Policy And Refund Policy

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