Variable payments getaway

Custom online third party payment gateway for Multiway Info System

2checkout payment guideline for Visa card/Master card/Paypal

This payment option can be useful with a variable price; you can be instructed to enter your payment. First enter how much you want to pay by Visa card/Master card/Paypal, there after click on Buy form 2CO Button, Then you will be go 2checkout cart Review Order payment page you must need adjust USD dollar currency from right site Change Currency option by scroll down “USD | U.S Dollar” again click on “Continue to Billing Information” After that you need to fill up billing Information. Then click “Continue to Payment Method” then you will see 2 Payment Method options, please select tab which payment method you want to use. If you wish to pay by paypal then select paypal tab and click on “Continue to Paypal” then you will be redirect to paypal via 2co, see final paypal account log in option, once login your paypal account then your payment will be sent. Or If you wish to pay by card, then select “Credit/Debit Card” tab and enter your card information then click “Submit Payment” then your payment will be sent, once you have complete then you will receive an order confirmation notification mail from third party payment gateway 2checkout with an unique order number, we would love to get that unique order number from your mail, then we will identify your payment/order as well. Thank you for using our service!

We do not receive any cards/paypal accounts secret information.

Please note that your payment will process by Multiway Info system via (third party payment gateway) merchant account providing alternative Card/Paypal payment processing service.

You will be shown when you will pay by your Card/paypal payment using and Multiway Info system company logo also you will receive a notification mail from once this transaction completed. Payment Privacy Policy And Refund Policy

We request you please do not use fake or virtual online acceptable Debit/Credit card, by previous experience. We faced big problem when one of our customer used fake card.